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Rolling out to stores from week of July 1st. Mattress protectors, mattress toppers & foam mats. Soon available online as well. Sth Melbourne outlet already carries stock.

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Excess Stock

EXCESS STOCK enquiries. Do you have an excess stock problem? Let us take care of it! For most product type businesses, ending up with excess stock at one point or another is inevitable. An overstock situation is often a result of unforeseen events such as changes in the market, shifts in demand, withdrawn orders or over-delivery from a supplier. When faced with the issue of carrying excess stock in your inventory, it is vital to clear out the surplus promptly in order to minimise losses and make best use of your resources, moving forward. Please click here to take you to our excess stock page to get in touch with us.

Product Recalls

In the unfortunate event of a recall you will find the information here. If you have any queries about an item please reach out by contacting us via email or calling (03) 9396 6900

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