About Dimmeys

What makes Dimmeys stores so different from other retailers?

Our buyers go to the ends of the earth for bargains, quality goods that manufacturers will sellfor a fraction of their regular price, and we pass those savings on to our customers.

What are bargain quality goods?

Overproduction lines that cannot be sold through their usual distribution network.  Reasons for this could be:

    • Overproduction
    • Order cancellations

At Dimmeys, we are constantly scoping out the market in search of bargains that will giveour customers what they want: in-demand products at cheap, cheap prices!

Why do Dimmeys stores sell out of some products so quickly?

The products we buy are sometimes limited to quantities on hand at the manufacturer and aregenerally not available for re-purchase.  

For this reason, we also carry a wide range of basic products at everyday low prices to ensure that some of the products you love are always in our stores.

Why does all this mean for you?

The way we buy means that our product range changes every week. There’s always something new and differentin our stores at savings of up to 75%.

You’ll see top quality brand names for a lot less. If you see something you really like, buy it, because it may not be there next time you shop.

Look out for our catalogues so that you can be informed of our amazing bargains before they are all gone.

Shopping at Dimmeys is a unique experience.  We pride ourselves on giving our customers bargains that cannot be matched by any other retailer.  Customers often ask us how we do it?