Position Profiles

We have a variety of positions available throughout our network of stores. The Dimmeys team is made up of all types of people, many of whom arrived with plenty of retail experience and some who joined without.

In addition to the right experience and qualifications, working for Dimmeys requires a broad understanding of the retail environment, fresh ideas and problem solving skills, a commitment to working together, a positive attitude and a lot of common sense.

For a better insight into some of the roles at Dimmeys, please see the links to our position profiles below:

Store Operations

The role of an Area Manager at Dimmeys is an exciting and challenging one. Area Managers can be responsible for up to 13 stores within their regions and visit each of their stores regularly.

Area Managers are responsible for ensuring that the stores within the regions achieve their sales, wages and shrinkage K.P.I's. They do this by providing leadership and guidance to their teams. They are also responsible for performance management and recruitment within their regions.

Area Managers play an integral role in the communication between the various divisions within the business. They represent their stores by liaising with Buyers, Advertising, Finance, Payroll, other Area Managers and the Warehouse.

In addition to extensive experience managing medium to large format stores, it takes a motivated and highly driven individual to perform a role such as this. In order to excel in this role, exceptional leadership and time management skills are a necessity.


Dimmeys Store Managers look after their store teams because they recognise that it is their hard work that keeps the customers happy. Dimmeys Store Managers need to think outside the box and encourage the flow of feedback between customers, store teams and the Store Support Centre because at Dimmeys we strive for constant improvement through communication and teamwork.

The key objectives of a Dimmeys Store Manager are to achieve Sales, Wages and Shrinkage K.P.I's, recruitment, performance management and to train and develop their staff. Store Managers are encouraged to work closely with their Area Manager, Buyers, Head Office and other Store Managers in order to achieve success.

Successful Dimmeys Store Managers are leaders who are committed to work, love kicking goals and take great pleasure in meeting and exceeding customer and business expectations. Essential skills and attributes include; a hands on management style, excellent merchandising skills, experience with rostering, experience managing sales and wage budgets, excellent leadership and time management skills.


It is the role of the Assistant Store Manager to support the Store Manager and run the store in their absence. At Dimmeys, we recruit Assistant Store Managers to be our future Store Managers because we prefer to promote from within. We work to ensure that our Assistant Store Managers are capable of doing everything that our Store Managers can do, so we look to hire ambitious retailers who are keen to succeed and progress within our business.


The larger format Dimmeys stores have Supervisors, or third Keyholders that report to the Store Manager and Assistant Store Manager. Dimmeys recruit Supervisors who will be capable in time of becoming our next Assistant Managers, therefore ambitious individuals with a strong work ethic are sought for these positions.

Successful Supervisors have a broad understanding of retail, fresh ideas, problem solving skills, a positive attitude, a willingness to learn and a lot of common sense.


The Dimmeys team is made up of all types of people. All we require from our Team Members is a passion for retailing, positive attitude, a great work ethic, flexibility, common sense and initiative. For the reliable, flexible and loyal employee, Dimmeys offer stable employment and positions that offer variety and opportunities to excel. For the career hungry, ambitious and goal orientated, we offer a range of career opportunities that can see you progress to either senior store management positions or various roles at the Store Support Centre including; Administration, Finance, I.T, Marketing and Buying. We offer Full time, Part time and Casual employment.

Store Support Services

Dimmeys Buyers search high and low for stock lots and quality goods that can be sold for a fraction of their regular price. Being a Buyer is a challenging role that requires an in-depth knowledge of retail and an understanding of margins, stock-turn, open to buy and gross profit.

Buyers not only need a thorough understanding of the products belonging to the department they buy for, but they need an intricate knowledge of the shapes, sizes and demographics of each of the Dimmeys stores. They need to be able to source wanted products and negotiate a cost price that will enable the product to be sold to the customer clearly representing genuine value and savings. Buyers need to be aware of trade practices compliance and ensure that all products purchased meet Australian standards. They need to manage their stock-levels, achieve required stock-turns and margins, while remaining within their open to buy and achieving sales targets.

A successful Dimmeys Buyer has a strong work ethic, a thorough understanding of retail and the products they buy, a sound grasp of retail mathematics and superior negotiation skills.


Buyers Assistants work in the Buyers Office located at the Dimmeys Store Support Centre and provide administrative assistance to the Buying team. The role involves creating Products and Purchase Orders and maintaining prices within the Dimmeys Point of Sale system, as well as other general administrative tasks required by the Buyers.

This is a role that requires a strong work ethic, attention to detail and a basic understanding of retail. Buyers Assistants liaise regularly with Stores, Suppliers and internal departments such as Finance, Marketing and the Warehouse, so excellent communication skills are essential.


The Dimmeys Marketing department is a small and dedicated team of just three people. With their strong work ethics and creative flare they work together to produce in excess of 12 catalogues per year and countless Flyer promotions which are supported by TV and Radio advertising. They work closely with the Buying team in order to ensure that our advertising accurately reflects the genuine value and savings that the advertised products have to offer. Photography and Catalogue graphic design are done in-house by our experienced team.

To be part of the Dimmeys Marketing team you need to be appropriately qualified, be able to work well in a small team, have a strong work ethic, be able to meet tight deadlines, excellent communication skills and of course have the creative flare required by the Marketing industry.


Job roles within the Finance Department consist of Accounting, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Invoice Data Entry, Register Reconciliations and Payroll.

An administrative background, a strong work ethic, a basic understanding of retail and excellent computer skills are required to work within this department.

The Payroll department is a small team of three who work to tight deadlines each week processing pays for in excess of 1500 employees across multiple states. Specific skills and attributes required for working in the Payroll department include; attention to detail, excellent computer skills, knowledge of retail awards and experience with Superannuation and Workcover.


The Dimmeys Information Technology department is a team of just two! They do not specialise in any one particular field within I.T, instead they specialise in all the fields. Working in the I.T Department at Dimmeys is an exceptional opportunity for an I.T professional to gain experience in all aspects of Information Technology. Our team provide hardware and software support to all of our Stores, Warehouse and Store Support Centre. They source and buy required hardware and software, they maintain and monitor all Servers, they do some internal report writing, they troubleshoot all I.T related issues from networking to virus protection, provide helpdesk support to users and perform POS register installations for new store setups. If it falls under 'I.T', then this team does it!

It is a rarity to find an I.T role as varied and general as this one and therefore it takes a unique set of skills and attributes to perform the role successfully including; working well in a small team, excellent communication skills, I.T qualification/s, a passion for I.T and the ambition, desire and ability to become an I.T generalist by learning as much as possible about all things I.T!